Preview: An Interview w/ Nick Saffan

An excerpt of my interview with Nickolas Saffan, the current director of student media, on Monday, Oct. 24. He discusses some aspects of the coming shifts and hopes of student media, elaborates on his role as director especially in this critical year. 


Q: (00:10) In what ways would you say that the position has exceeded the expectations you had for the job, for better or worse?

Q: (00:38) What would you say right now that you think the best part of the job is, and the worst part?

Q: (01:08) If the branches of student media were your children, who would you say is the favorite? For you personally.

Q: (01:49) How important would you say your role is as the director of student media, and how important do you think other people see you?

Q: (02:40) Do you find yourself having to deal with a lot of minutiae in the day to day that you think other people in the organization should be able to handle themselves, optimally at some point?

Q: (03:26) Can you tell us about some of the initiatives that student media is undergoing right now and how they’re coming along?

Q: (04:33) What has your biggest challenge been, having to deal with so many people who are above your head or who you have to serve as liaison between?


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