HOPE (humans of presidential election)


“[Without mentioning his political leanings] I feel like this election will impact me in a negative format, you could say. In my work career and my academic career as well. I work in computers. Passing stricter legislation on cyber security and computer networking could hurt me in my field I think, in the future. And given the institution we’re at, it would become financially un-viable for me here with less aid for students.”

Bryan Singh, freshman; computer science and mathematics major.


“Trump has no experience; he’s self-centered, uneducated, and I would say just an indecent human being. Usually people that go into politics are like Hillary – they have contributed and been an activist…they’ve done things for people who have less than them. Hillary has worked for women and children, which has also been my cause over the years…

It’s our turn. I really want a woman president. She’s been able to work with both parties; it’s only when she’s running for something she gets the push back as women have historically. Trump is just a demagogue. Tony Schwartz [the ghostwriter of Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal] called him a sociopath but I’d say he’s somebody who has a personality disorder. I don’t think he’s a man who has ever liked himself or felt a sense of accomplishment. Everything has been handed to him…when he doesn’t like an outcome he just picks up all his toys and says, “Okay, we’re done.” I think he entered the election as a joke.


[Trump and Clinton] are both in the same age group, both lived through the 60s and 70s and know all the ill effects and gains we’ve had. We need young women to know what they can achieve, that they can get out there and do what they want to in the world. We need to push for equal representation in the Senate, in the House, with the presidency…

For me personally, this man [Trump] should have never even been a candidate. He insulted the presidency and the commander in chief. He’s been a mockery to everyone who has served in the military, made a mockery of people who have died. And you want to aspire to be commander in chief!?”

Midge, DeLand resident/political activist, working campaigns since Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern in 1972.


“For me, my family has been Democratic all my life. That has so much to do with my political awareness – I’m in communications but also poli sci [sic]. I hate voter apathy, and am always trying to get people politically involved. Vote no matter what. But when I see or hear my friends or peers say they’re voting for Donald Trump I’m like okay, great, do what you have to, but a piece of me is like, “Why?” After this election I’ll never forget the people [around me] that voted for him, or why they did.

[This election] has brought up a hatred in people I didn’t know existed [to such an extent]. We like to think we’ve progressed so much and become so inclusive. But people hold these bigoted views, and the people that believe and buy into Trump’s rhetoric are friends and colleagues. It just makes me wonder how much respect they actually have for me and – I mean, I still respect them as people? It’s just something in the back of my mind after this.

But I’m excited for Hillary to win. She deserves it. She’s been helping to run the country since Bill was president and now she can finally do it.”

Veronica Faison, junior, wearing a “Nasty Woman” [Trump quote from the end of the third debate in reference to Hillary Clinton] pin and “I VOTED” sticker.


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